The Medical Billing Format to Bill your Clients

Have you tried all the formats you think you have with your clients and they don’t want to pay you? I am happy to introduce to you another super format called the medical billing format. Last year, I and my guys used this type of billing format to collect about $5,000 from my client in Australia.

This format works so well because nobody will suspect anything and the materials needed can be forged easily. If you want to know about the format, then continue to read. That way, you will understand the tactics behind this billing format and how you can use the medical billing format to bring down any client that refuses to pay you your AZA.

I want to make you rich, that was why I created this website for all the hustlers out there. You will learn from my skills and start making money for yourself. There are so many formats out there, but the medical format is looking to be one of the best formats this year.

This time around, I will give you a way to start the medical billing format, so that you can end up writing your own format.

G-Boy who uses Medical Billing Format

What is the Medical Billing Format for Yahoo?

It is a billing format that makes your client believe that you need medical attention. When I used the medical billing format, I acted like a young man with lots of business prospects. I made my client believe that I had so much to over and he should trust me.

The real thing about the medical billing format is that you can use it as a guy or girl. There is no difference between whether you are a guy or a girl.

So what are the steps to using the Medical Billing Format?

Find a Regular Client

Any client is okay for you, there is no specific type of client that you need to have before you use the medical billing format. I met this client on POF before plenty 9ja guys come and cast the system. I was chatting with her and she was responding so fine.

After that, we started to know ourselves better. The process of getting to know yourself better is helping you to build trust. Once your client can trust you, they can do anything for you.

Most G-boys make the mistake of trying to bill their clients after a few days – it doesn’t work that way. The best thing is to continue building trust for like a month or 2 months – that is if you want to use this type of billing format.

Keep getting to know them in a genuine way; this would help this medical billing format to work very well.

Tell them you will travel for an assignment outside of your country

If you have a client you just started wording with, make sure you follow the steps I have outlined in this post. It will help know what next to do with this billing format. You must be a citizen of a good country like Australia, Singapore, Canada, the UK, or America.

Always make sure that you and your client are not from the same country – to avoid the “come and see me” wahala.

After like one month of chatting with the client, make them understand that you are traveling to either South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, or another country for a tourist sight-seeing. You can also include Nigeria in your list if you don’t have any picker in any of those countries like South Africa, Kenya, etc.

You must have a graphics designer help you with the following;

Fake Visa
Travel documents
And passport
Once you have all these, any client will believe that you are really traveling. This will now bring us to the next step. The truth is that it works just like the dating format.

Photoshop yourself having fun

If your graphics designer is good, he can help Photoshop your image to be having fun with elephants, Tigers, Lions, etc.

It is very simple – but if you don’t know graphics design, it will be hard for you. If you also think you can stress yourself over this, then just jump to the next step.


Claim that you have fallen Ill and you need help

Go offline for like 2 days and come back with an emotional message asking for help. You will say that you caught a very deadly disease from the people staying in the country and you have been hospitalized.

Your client must surely need proof, so you will have to contact your designer again to help you with proof.

All he needs to do is look for an original image of someone in the hospital and clone your face over his own. That way, it will look so real and believable.

Then you will drop them the following;

A fake medical bill,
Requirements for discharge
Promise to refund them the money once you are able to get access to your bank account.s
These two things are what you need to complete your job and bill your client using the medical billing format.

P.S. You must make sure that your client is rich and has the money.

How to make this format work

When you start off with your client initially, you must do the following.

Promise them a better life when you see
If they are looking for husband or wife, promise to marry them
Also, promise them that you will open a business for them
Take them on Vacation when you come back
Make sure you fill their minds with dreams and aspirations.

With these methods, they wouldn’t want to abandon you when you become sick. They will try so hard to send you money for treatment, then you block them and move on to the next client.

I am very sure that the medical billing format isn’t a difficult one, it is one of the sweetest formats to bill any client and collect money from them.


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    0Nice package bro I have client but the billing format and loan format is the problem pls help

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      Contact me.

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