Secrets to Get Money from a Married Man without Asking

Hi girls, I guess I haven’t written so many topics that are feminine related. But this time I will start with how to get money from a married man. The aim of this blog, in general, is to show you how to make money using easy ways – even if it is illegal or legal.

Just in case you are interested in becoming a G-girl, you can I have written some tips that will surely help you. You can click the links below to get started.

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Now let’s move properly to how you can you can get money from a man even without asking. He might be married or not married – the aim is to make him spend on you.

Trying to get money from a married man might be quite a dangerous adventure, but with this post, I will show you how I was able to do it.

My name is Nancy Rice and I have dated more than 10 married men successfully without getting caught or embarrassed. I am going to show you my tricks right here on this post – are you ready?

Let’s go!!!

It might sound a little bit difficult for you at first, but with much practice, you will be able to pull it off. Just keep calm and learn every bit you need to learn.

Go where you find rich married men

This is gonna be the hardest part if you are just starting out. Trying to get yourself to the right place and the right time is pretty difficult.

Those rich babies aren’t gonna locate you, that is your job to do. It doesn’t mean you would have to approach them, but just stay within their axis and roam around.

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I am not in your city, so I can’t probably tell you the specific places to go and meet these married men who are ready to show you what a good life means. But one of the places I do surely get them is in Night clubs – expensive night clubs.

It doesn’t matter if you have the cash or not – come on babe, you are a lady! Let me show you some tricks I pull up.

Steps to enter expensive night clubs and meet rich married men

Dress up real bitchy
Wear something super-hot
Flirt with the bouncers or security guards on your way inside
Pretend that you aren’t a first timer to the club.
Go straight and grab a seat and then observe.
Simple steps like these would be your golden ticket to a life of “all expenses paid.”

Get something for yourself and get busy

You aren’t just a bitch looking for prey, you are a classy girl looking just to have a good time and go back home. Trust me, if that was your first time there, several eyes would be on you to know your plans.

You might get what you want at first, but sometimes it might get delayed – which is pretty cool by the way. Get the cheapest drink – or even water and keep yourself busy with your phone. Don’t make it too obvious that you have no other plans than this, you will end up exposing yourself as a cheap girl.

But remember step number 2!

When in their midst, avoid single guys like a plague

Nothing turns a married man on than a girl who isn’t into her fellow singles. She is way above her peers, so she is something of value to the married ones. Right from that point once we have any ready rich man around, you might be called upon.

Is this what you wanted?

Definitely, it would come, but you have to remember a single rule – he who controls the game wins. This is one secret rule you must obey if you want to get money from a married man.

Has he given an order for you to be called?

Then do this!

Neglect that order and focus on yourself

Most times they will either send someone to call you or come by themselves. If he sends someone, do well to disregard the call. You might be tempted to jump on the offer immediately but don’t do it at all.

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Every married man there is trying to figure out why you are there, so don’t sell out yourself.

You aim is to make sure the man comes to get you himself – which would enable you to control the whole game.

Now that is how to get money from a married man like a professional. Till he comes, you have no business standing up.

P.s. Once order becomes increasingly incessant, then you have to go honor the call. I pretty think he has reasons for not wanting to come. Just be sure you walk up to him like a real professional.

Your reason for coming around should be professional

One of the best reasons I give for coming around such an expensive bar is to have a deal with a client and then play a little before going home.

Any further questions should be answered according to your own plans.

Tell him what you want – MONEY

If he is asking you for sex or pleasure, make it clear with this question “can you take care of my expensive lifestyle?”

You gotta be expensive baby – that is why you were there in the first place.

There of lots of potential rich guys waiting out for you, but you just want to give him a chance. That should be your mindset while having your discussion – this would help give you higher bargaining power.

How to get Money from a Married Man without asking?

These are the steps to get started.

Make your intentions clear at first

By asking him if he can take care of you early enough during the initial meeting, you will eliminate any trial and error game to be played. You already know that he would definitely ask for things from your own end – so be ready for the trade by barter game.

Always be at his call – but make it look like a favor

He would definitely call you up at odd times – so always be prepared. The secret to this is letting him know that you are making sacrifices for him, so he should also make the same for you.

Never agree to be less busy at any point, so that he doesn’t see you as a liability. Make him know that you keep making great sacrifices to see him.

Depending on his nature – play the withdrawal game

I will assume that you satisfy him so much on the bed that he keeps drooling over you at any point. Have you figured out that he is now into you so much, then it is time to withdraw unexpectedly? This move would most likely drive him insane because he didn’t see it happening and he never bargained for it to happen.

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It is one of the proven final tactics to get money from a married man because he would definitely miss you and would want to have you back.

This is one of the psychological tricks that come to play when you want to convince someone to give you money

Place your request grudgingly

Has he called you to know what is wrong with your recent attitude? Grudgingly explain that he hasn’t been treating you the best of ways. He would definitely want to know more because he is married and used in such situations.

Once this happens, then do this…

List your needs – but let it be minimal

You know he has the finances and you want to get money from him despite he is married – so there has to be a balance.

List your most important needs and tell him you want it done Asap. Don’t allow him to have sex with you till he fulfills a part of it immediately.

Once he’s had sex with you, the urge is gone and the willpower of gifting you something immediately disappears. So no matter what, don’t allow him to touch you for that period of time.

I would stop here for now because the other steps depend on you. If you wanna spend all your cash on parties, new phones, and accessories, then go ahead.

But you should know that once you get money from a married man, you tend to see money as easy to get.

I would advise you save up so much to avoid going broke once your source of income freezes. He isn’t your husband and he will dump you sooner or later.

Till I write another blog post, do well to have a wonderful time slaying those lusty married men out there.



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