How Yahoo Boys are Running the iTunes Gift Card Scam

If you want massive cashout with gift cards from the yahoo game, I will advise you read this content till the very end. No jokes. There’s no need to look at the article title twice, it was no mistake, you got it right. I am about to divulge one of the most closely guarded secrets on the Internet. Okay, maybe not so “closely guarded”, but a secret nevertheless. You have seen the ads around a lot, about guys claiming he has iTunes gift cards for sale. But you just don’t know what it is exactly and how they do it. Guess what? You are about to discover how smart yahoo boys are running the iTunes gift card scam. Before we go any further, let’s do a little explanation for those who are new in the game. Who Are Yahoo Boys? Yahoo boys are named after the web service provider, “Yahoo!”. The tag was used to refer to young men that that commit internet scam (hustle) in Nigeria through the use of Yahoo! Mail (Gmail was not so popular then). Nowadays anyone that commits internet scam as a means of livelihood is referred to as a “yahoo boy”, but the country doesn’t favour young men, so what else would you expect them to do for a source of living?

Basic Traits You Must Possess a Yahoo Boy As a yahoo boy, you must master the art of deception. To stop at nothing to acquire the information you need about your clients, including usernames, passwords, credit card data, etc. You should be good at composing convincing messages to rope in your preys. Most importantly, you must have a broken moral compass. In recent times, gee boys have found a new type of scam to get money from their victims. It’s called the iTunes Gift Card scam or gift cards generally, you are about to find out how they do it. How the iTunes Gift Card Scam Works Since the use of money sending services from jand has casted, yahoo boys now use the iTunes gift card, amazon gift card, steam gift card and others to get some money out from clients. Some clients have reported paying as much as $31,000 to yahoo boys, those are smart ones. It happens so much that Apple had to post the notice below on its gift card page. “iTunes Gift Cards are solely for the purchase of goods and services on the iTunes Store and App Store. Should you receive a request for payment using iTunes Gift Cards outside of iTunes and the App Store please report it at” It all has to do with persuading your client to purchase gift cards. The client eventually succumb to this persuasion and purchase the iTunes gift card either online or in a store. They then email the code on the card to the yahoo boy, who subsequently drain the whatever value the gift card has, or trade it for cash. Why iTunes Gift Card? Why Amazon Gift Card? There is actually no rule that says it has to be iTunes. There are many other gift cards out there that can easily serve the same purpose. They include; Amazon gift cards, PayPal, reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit and Vanilla. Basically, any gift card that has cash-like value. However, analysts have suggested that iTunes gift card is used because of the halo effect associated with the Apple brand. In other words, the more you believe that Apple can do no wrong, the more susceptible you are to this kind of fraud. Yahoo boys have used iTunes Gift card to solve the big challenge of getting paid. The former method of payment (wire service) has gotten more difficult. Victims are heeding warnings and not wiring money so much, law enforcement agencies in Nigeria hang around banks waiting to nab a suspicious fellow receiving money through the wire service. Hence, the iTunes gift card. As the wire service, an iTunes payment is pretty difficult to reverse, the movement of the dollars is virtually untraceable, and there is a thriving black market for selling Gift cards in Nigeria where the scammers can easily sell Amazon Gift cards or iTunes Gift Cards.

Finally: Format To Get iTunes Gift Card From Your Clients? In order to master the art of getting massive cashout with iTunes gift cards, you need good and legit information, that is why we recommend this masterpiece of crazy package for all gees.

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